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Corel is best vector software to make any type of vector or illustration design. it's UI very clean and easy for understating. Corel use for Logo Design, Brochure, Banner Design and many more Graphic Designing. Corel is easy to learn so many industries use for there work.

  1. PCB Designing - Printed Circuit Board - Those company who have small PCB manufacturing unit they use Corel to make some small change in PCB design file and make print on butter paper for further work because some time this small change is take a time to change in original software file so, they use Corel draw

  2. CNC / Laser Cutting - Laser cutting machine or CNC Machine cut the metal plate / acrylic sheet and make some creative design. Corel also very useful for this industries to make different design which is not possible to make in those software which company provide to operate the machine. Corel have many file format (like DWG, DXF) export option which is very help full for this industries to execute those work.

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